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Debut start at Rally Masters Show!

Rally Masters Show becomes more and more popular. So this year the first round of Volkswagen POLO CUP rally monocup starts as a part of RMS. “Rally Academy” is the promoter of monocup, involved in the popularization and promotion of the rally. That is why the very first crew on the road will be in Volkswagen Polo. 11-year-old female racer Irina Sidorkova from Petrozavodsk will drive the safety car with three zeros on its livery. The young driver is a member of “AR Junior” program organized by “Rally Academy” that has built competitive Volkswagen Polo for her. In 2012 Irina became the Champion of Estonia in karting, and in 2013 she had some good results in Finnish Championship in the older age group.

In the rally car Irina took part in Karelian motor multi-sport championship, where the young driver after two races was able to come second in the amateur standings and got the 22th place in the overall standings of the sixty participants!

At the moment the young female racer is actively preparing for her first tarmac performance and is training at the sites of Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg with her trainer Alexander Samsonov, who will most likely take co-driver’s place during the important start of the Jubilee Rally Masters Show 2015. The task of the crew will include the rally track pass as the safety car, checking the road readiness for the sports cars.

Driver: Irina Sidorkova
Champion of Estonia in 2012, vice-champion of Estonia in 2011, member of the series: WSK Masters, WSK Euro Series and Rok Series (Italy), member of Baltic Cup, a regular participant of Finnish Championship and Final Cup (Finland). Multiple winner and prize winner of various karting championships.

Coach and race engineer: Alexander Samsonov
Candidate to Russian Rally Master of Sports, round winner of Russian Rally Championship, Russian Rally Cup and Russian Rally Series.

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