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Evgeny Novikov is taking part in the first round of Volkswagen POLO CUP 2015

Mikhail Lepekhov – Volkswagen POLO CUP organizer, “Rally Academy” founder and the winner of Russian Rally Cup 2004 – will traditionally drive a unique 290-horsepower 4WD Volkswagen Polo at the first round of Volkswagen POLO CUP, that will be held as a part of Rally Masters Show 2015.

Evgeny Novikov, WRC prize-winner and one of the fastest Russian racers, will take his co-driver’s seat! The crew will fight for victory in Rally Masters Show overall standings.

Evgeny Novikov is the first Russian driver of rally factory team in WRC. For several seasons Evgeny was fighting in the group of leaders of World Rally Championship overall standings, and he became the first driver in the history of Russian motorsport who has won the “silver” at WRC stages twice. In addition Evgeny works for “Rally Academy” as one of the coaches and helps to improve a unique 290-horsepower Volkswagen Polo 4x4 built by “Rally Academy”.

Crew Lepekhov/Novikov at Volkswagen POLO CUP 2014 one of the rounds:

For the fifth time Rally Masters Show gathers some of the best racers from Russia and abroad, who are fighting for the title of the fastest one on the tarmac track in Krylatskoe. By the way it was built exactly 35 years ago especially for the Summer Olympic Games.

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