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Gryazin Brothers: Duel in Peugeot 208 R2

The main spring event for motorsport fans will be held on 18 April – the best representatives of Russian rally and participants of prestigious international competitions will attend Rally Masters Show in Krylatskoe.

Last year spectators could see the debut of 16-year-old Nikolay Gryazin, a successor of the famous family racing dynasty, which followed his older brother Vasily and started rallying. The debut was successful, and Nikolay received his first cup for the 2nd place in R4 class just on the track of Rally Masters Show in the fight against world level racers.

This year Gryazin brothers will delight rally fans once again: Vasily and Nikolay will drive the same 2WD Peugeot 208 R2 cars, and the main struggle will flare up just within the team.
Николай Грязин

Vasily Gryazin is already a successful driver with a worldwide reputation and a huge rally experience, he has conquered the tracks not only of Russian championship, but also European and world championships. In Krylatskoe Vasily has performed since 2011 without missing a single Rally Masters Show.

Vasily Gryazin: “In 2011 I took part in RMS at the wheel of Ford Fiesta R2 and won, and now 4 years later I am again trying my hand in 2WD class. I do not think about the fight in overall standings, because I will have a much more serious contender in this race – my younger brother Nikolay Gryazin. He has driven a lot at the ring, so he can push hard at this race. Even though we live opposite the “Velodoroga” in Krylatskoe, we prepare for this important event in advance – we have planned tarmac tests in Riga with my brother. I hope this event will be the same positive and well organized as in previous years: I really like everything and thank the organizers for such a good holiday!”

Nikolay Gryazin only started his career in the rally, but he is already well-known in motorsport. Despite the fact that Nikolay is leaving school, he won two rounds of ring Cup “Lada Granta” in 2013 and took the prestigious second place in Russian Championship 2014 in Turing-Light class where he lost the first place only to his coach and teammate Boris Shulmeyster.

Николай Грязин

Nikolay Gryazin: “During this year I have got the experience of driving with the notes, studied this exceptional rally component well and started to understand it better. In addition this winter I took part in 4 rallies and trained on tarmac in the Czech Republic and in the mountains of Italy. So the biggest change is that I have rally experience now.

It is difficult to compare the two disciplines where I participate, because I started driving in closed-circuit racing and it means a lot for me. In addition there is more comfortable, convenient infrastructure, etc. But there is more movement in the rally, almost no time for the rest, and you have to do your best for several days. There is more drive in rally, as there are some dangerous places on the road, and all the way you are going with temerity. So this is more interesting, though you feel exhausted, but you get a lot of pleasure. When someone talks about “racers” they mean just the people who are engaged in risky, dangerous business, so in rally you keenly feel that you do something risky and interesting. The ring is now secured and there is less risk. Honestly, I prefer rally.

Expectations from the race? In our dispute with my brother everything will be decided by driving since we have the same cars: the one who is better, faster, turns more competently, etc. will win. I think that we will not argue and discuss who is better, otherwise it will ruin our friendship. What will be, will be! But I hope it will be interesting and funny!”

РМС 2014

Well, we invite the spectators to become better acquainted with the classic rally and see what is inside the service park and the stages, to communicate with the drivers, to take pictures and get autographs and, of course, to touch the world of speed.

Rally Masters Show 2015 takes place on April 18 in Moscow in Krylatskoe. The event is organized by TTK Motorsport Events. The race will be held with the support of the Government of Moscow and the Moscow Sport Committee.


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