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Jubilee Rally Masters Show takes place on 18 April!

Rally Masters Show takes place on 18 April in Moscow for the fifth time. The best racers of Russia and abroad will compete for the title of the fastest one on the tarmac road in Krylatskoe.

Rally Masters Show unique format attracts more and more spectators every year, and it is not surprising that the event is included in the list of especially significant capital events. The event is organized by TTK Motorsport Events with the support of Moscow Government and Moscow Sport Committee.

The most exciting things for the rally fans will be available in the service park that is located near the Rowing canal within walking distance from the first special stage and sports complex stands.

That is where from everyone can see what the rally is, comfortably watch each show participant passes and follow the drivers movements on the big-screen with live event.

The main struggle between participants will be held at the legendary “Velodoroga” (bicycle road) track where racers will be able to show their driving skills on the tarmac surface. “Velodoroga” is a well-known, complex but no less interesting special stage for the generation of drivers who participated in the legendary Soviet races: “Snezhinka” (snowflake) Rally, “Moroz” (frost) Rally, “Russkaya Zima” (Russian winter) Rally and others.

This event is not only an entertainment. It is necessary for national drivers development to hold in Moscow rallies at the highest level, with the best domestic and foreign crews, with media involvement, with a set of measures to promote healthy lifestyles and technical sport. The revival of tarmac racing in the capital city after a long break started exactly with Rally Masters Show.

For 5 years Rally Master Show has become a grand event for both Moscow residents and visitors, and also for the participants. Drivers from Russia, the Baltic States and other countries await invitation to participate in the RMS eagerly.

In 2011 British driver Mark Higgins became the winner of the debut RMS in overall standings, in 2012 and 2013 Muscovite Evgeny Novikov was the best on the road in Moscow, and in 2014 Estonian Markko Märtin received his “gold medal”.

RMS 2015 once again promises to be an outstanding event in the capital life, it aims not only to hold a mass motorsport show, but also to draw attention to the problem of safety on public roads.

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