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Jubilee Rally Masters Show takes place on 17-18 April in the west of Moscow in Krylatskoe.

The tarmac rally show in mini-rally format is held for the past five years on cycleway in Krylatskoe.

13.2-km Olympic cycleway, built for the Moscow Olympics in 1980, is the main and the most famous object in Krylatskoe, where competitions at different levels and in different disciplines are held.

Last Friday there was a track inspection that has undergone minor changes this year. The organizers are planning to arrange a convenient spectator area in the stands of the Rowing canal, that will host the first special stage of Rally Masters Show 2015, and the route of “Velodoroga” race track will be reduced by nearly a third from Rublevskoe shosse – Nizhnie Mnevniki street side. But it will be held twice: first in one direction, and after a break for service the special stage will change its direction, and participants cars will pass it again.

Organizers and representatives of Russian Automobile Federation and LATA-Track management inspected the rally track, approved competition route and agreed on the details of the race.

This year is the anniversary date not only for Rally Masters Show. “Velodoroga” built for the Moscow Olympics is 35. We invite you to visit the festival of motorsport and cannot wait to see you on 18 April in Krylatskoe!

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