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Millers Oils is the partner of Rally Masters Show 2015

Millers Oils was founded in 1887 by John Watson Miller, and since then the company has displayed a talent for innovation and industry firsts. It was the first to offer diesel specific engine oil for cars and continues to push boundaries to earn its place as a world leader in the technology of low friction. In January 2012, Millers Oils launched nanotechnology engine oils. When tested against a competitor’s oil of the same viscosity, Nanodrive Motorsport oil recorded 40% lower friction at operating temperatures of 110°C, with significantly improved film strength. Millers Oils uses the expertise gained in motorsport and performance car development to ensure it remains a leader in automotive and commercial vehicle oils and across a broad range of industrial lubricants.

Motorsport Components is the exclusive distributor of Millers Oils for motorsport in the Russian Federation

Nikita Gergel, “Motorsport Components” General Director: “Rally Masters Show is a unique project that is held in the capital not for the first year. Automotive subject is our speciality so our attention was drawn to this event.

RMS gathers titled racers who value maximum efficiency and reliability of their vehicles. Millers Oils products meet the highest requirements that champions impose for motor and trasnmission oil. We are very pleased to be among the leaders and help them to reach new heights”.

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