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Press conference at ITAR-TASS on 14 April, 2015

Press conference at ITAR-TASS on 14 April, 2015

On 14 April at ITAR-TASS the press conference on the fifth Rally Masters Show taking place on 17-18 April in Krylatskoe was held.

The press conference was attended by:

- First Deputy of Moscow Sports and entertainment events directorate General Director, Alexander Buzdakov,

- First Deputy of Moscow Physical Education and Sport Department Head, Nikolay Gulyaev,

- General Director of “TTK Motorsport Events” (“Rally Masters Show” copyright holder) Timur Kafarov,

- Head of Rally Academy, VW Polo Cup founder, patron Mikhail Lepekhov

Timur Kafarov told the accredited journalists about the anniversary show and what is waiting for participants and spectators on 17-18 April in Krylatskoe.

Rally Masters Show is held by TTK Motorsport Events with the support of Moscow Government and Moscow Sports Committee; it is included in the list of especially significant capital events.

The organizer informed journalists about the number of crews, as well as about the competition will involve more than 300 participants (including mechanics and team officials) from 9 countries of the world.

Speakers noted the event becomes more and more popular and is well known in Europe, racers from the Baltic countries are especially interested in it. Timur Kafarov specified the sport is outside of politics and the Rally Masters Show unites not only sportsmen from different countries – this year RMS is visited by the heads of several racing federations: Ingushetia, the Urals, North-West, the Baltic States and the Far East.

Timur Kafarov: our event is held for the 5th time – it celebrates the anniversary. This race is dedicated to the Victory 70th anniversary and a few cars are painted in festive colors - they will represent Moscow region motorsport Federation. This year rally route will consist of eight special stages, but the configuration has changed a bit compared to the previous version. There will be several standings for different car classes, including the Historic one. It is a difficult process to carry out events in the city; we have been doing it for the fifth time. Muscovites and visitors have a unique opportunity to see the rally show without going outside of the city for hundreds of kilometers. This year representatives from several regions will come not only to see the Rally Masters Show, but also to share their experiences: the representatives of all the North Caucasus region republics, Rostov region, the Urals, Kaliningrad region, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Estonia and Latvia. Israel Federation delegates will also visit the race as they are interested in similar format events.

Nikolay Gulyaev: The Rally Masters Show has quite unique format and the fact such events are held in the city suggests they are popular.

Mikhail Lepekhov: I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers – In such a difficult economic situation; they were able to find opportunities and strength to hold such an event in the capital. For my part we are pleased to invite all interested people to rally service park, we are waiting for not only adults but also children, and we will be glad to offer contests and entertainment for the whole family.

Organizers noted the race will be held in full compliance with the rally safety plan, with all approvals at all city levels, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the traffic police and other services. Velodoroga is primarily a sports facility, and for many years it is used not only as a training base for cyclists, but also as rally special stages, where Moscow championships on classical rally and rally sprints were held until 2002. In 2012 it was decided together with Moscow Sports Committee to revive the asphalt races, and this year the Rally Masters Show is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

We remind you the Rally Master Show will be held on 18 April, the grand event opening will begin at 11 am at the Grebnoy canal area, the first crew starts at 12:00. Note: Admission is FREE!

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