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Rally Masters Show 2015 ended up with Lukyanuk’s victory

The jubilee Rally Masters Show 2015 ended up with a victory of Alexey Lukyanuk / Alexey Arnautov crew from St. Petersburg in Subaru WRX STI 2015. Two Alexeys duet was the fastest among 44 crews participated in rally. The Rally Masters Show was attended by 11 countries representatives: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Hungary, Czech Republic, and USA.

Racers have overcome the total distance of 65.92 km; 37.2 km of them were competitive. The event was divided into two legs with a service break. Each leg consisted of two special stages – “Velodoroga” and “Grebnoy canal” that repeated twice.

Relatively short route turned to be not so easy – 13 crews out of 44 starters were unable to complete the race for various reasons, some because of their own driving mistakes, others because of technical problems. The main reason for the technical retirements in different cars was the gearbox crash – the track is full of turns, so the units failed due to the high handling frequency.

The crew of Alexey Lukyanuk and Alexey Arnautov, reigning Rally Champions of Russia and Estonia, won all the stages of Rally Masters Show 2015.

Alexey Lukyanuk: “This is my first experience of driving Subaru STI on the asphalt. I can say it was successful, and we won this rally. Initially, the rubber choice was wrong – the team gave us a set of rain tyres. There had been rain on the race eve, and we expected it during the competition. But audience and participants were lucky enough – there were no precipitation. We didn’t have any technical problems and drove with pleasure. Once again, we remember what it is like to go in a crew together with my co-driver Alexey Arnautov. I am glad the race was positive for us – we won it”.

In 2 WD class many people followed the battle of Gryazin brothers: Vasily Gryazin having a lot of experience both in rally competitions in Russia and the Baltic states and in the Rally Masters Show, stood on the second place in the overall standings, but unfortunately his car’s power steering broke down. To avoid another car units damage Vasily decided to leave the competition. Thus Nikolay Gryazin, the circuit racer, last season Vice-Champion in the “Touring-light” class, together with the Ural co-driver Yaroslav Fedorov drove the special stages perfectly and was the second prizewinner of the overall standings top-three. Nikolay admitted in the interview, the secret of his speed is numerous training sessions on the asphalt, circuit racing experience and the home track, because “Velodoroga” runs right under his house windows.

The crew Petr Borodin / Roman Cheprasov rounded out the race overall top-three. Its driver holds numerous Champion titles and cups from Kazakhstan motorsport events. At the press conference he said he liked rally after participating in autocross and, if possible, he would like to continue performing in Russia.

The race results and video were broadcasted online; they were easy to follow even not leaving home. But it is impossible to share the rally show atmosphere on the stands and in the service area that were available for easy access to all comers, that were more than 15,000 people according to preliminary estimates. The varied sports programme was completed by show, the announcers helped the audience to know all the details of what was happening on the track, talking about the experience and achievements of the racers, who surprised numerous spectators with powerful cars driving skills and maneuvering at high speeds. An entertainment program with an orchestra, dance groups, musicians and even Cossack Choir was held on the stage built in the ??service area.

The rally show organizers led by Timur Kafarov, TTK Motorsport Events director, and the guest of honor Alexey Vorobyev, the Moscow Physical Education and Sport Department Head, congratulated the winners and gave them out prizes and gifts.

Anniversary race edition was really festive. Congratulations to all Rally Masters Show 2015 participants and winners and see you next time!

Results Rally Masters Show 2015:

Overall standings:

1. Alexey Lukyanuk / Alexey Arnautov (Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2015);
2. Nikolay Gryazin / Yaroslav Fedorov (Peugeot 208 R2);
3. Petr Borodin / Roman Cheprasov (Subaru Impreza WRX STI).

1. Alexey Lukyanuk / Alexey Arnautov (Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2015);
2. Petr Borodin / Roman Cheprasov (Subaru Impreza WRX STI);
3. Dmitry Zorin / Viktor Mikhaylov (Subaru Impreza WRX STI).

1. Dmitry Myachin/ Alexander Gorlanov (Renault Clio R3);
2. Petr Turkin / Vasily Mirkotan (Citroen DS 3 Racing R3);
3. Dmitry Voronov / Vasily Krichevsky (Honda Civic Type R).

1. Nikolay Gryazin / Yaroslav Fedorov (Peugeot 208 R2);
2. Sergey Tambovtsev / Ilya Karpinsky (Peugeot 208 R2);
3. Yury Arshansky / Mikhail Soskin (VW Polo).

Historic cars:
1. Ville Silvasti/ Jonne Halttunen (Porsche 911 Carrera RC);
2. Grigory Berezkin/ Viktor Timkovsky (Toyota Celica ST185);
3. Klim Baykov/ Stanislav Lopatin (LADA-2105).

Rally Masters Show 2015 results

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