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RRT Karting is the Rally Masters Show 2015 partner!

RRT Karting will be the Rally Masters Show partner once again. Professional karting track is created with Daniil Move participation – one of the Russian motorsport leaders, whose experience formed the basis for the track construction. High-quality surface and well thought-out track configuration allow everyone to feel like a real race car driver. The “Monaco” tunnel is one of the track features. This section creates the atmosphere of real races in this famous city streets.

The world specialists in the race tracks design and construction were involved to build “RRT-Kart” .
This is a meeting point for professional racers.

For the second consecutive year “RRT-Kart” takes up a speed torch – immediately after the Rally Masters Show 2015 there will be held a karting tournament, where mechanics, drivers and co-drivers will participate. Who will be the fastest? The jury represented by the RAF Rally Committee Chairman Alexey Ershov, TTK Motorsport Events Director Timur Kafarov and Rally Masters Show Safety Officer Fedor Khlopin will decide.

Last year Japanese Hiroki Arai won at the 650-meters track, he overtook his father for a few seconds. The second was Toshi Arai – World Rally Champion in 2005 and 2007, Subaru World Rally Team member from 1997 to 2003. The top three in overall standings was rounded out by Lada-Kalina RC driver Evgeny Sukhovenko from Rostov-on-Don.

We invite drivers, mechanics and co-drivers to participate. Applications should be sent in a free form to the address: pr@ttkmm.ru

Entrance for the media is free!

Address: 24, building 5, Pravdy street, Moscow.

The entrance to the parking is from Bumazhny proezd.

Starting time 22-30
Transfers from the hotel: 21-00, 21-30 and 22-00
Transfer to the hotel: 00-00, 00-30 and 01-00

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