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The fifth Rally Masters Show in Russia is held in Moscow tomorrow

The Moscow Government and the rally organizer, TTK Motorsport Events, are glad to present the jubilee Rally Masters Show, that has become popular under the support of the Moscow Physical Education and Sport Department.

Rally show takes place for the fifth time, and by the results of already held events it is possible to notice the increased interest not only from both spectators and participants, but also from media representatives.

Tomorrow the rally participants will show their proficiency at the legendary Velodoroga (bike path), its big ring will be used as a rally special stage. In addition, the audience will be able to observe the spectator special stage from the Grebnoy (rowing) canal stand, watch the service park activities, see the ceremonial start and finish.

The total distance of eight special stages is 37.5 kilometers.

Rally Masters Show is the important event in the motorsport rally history – it is not only the celebration for the participants, but also the opportunity of sharing experiences and attracting attention to the public roads safety issues.

In the service area teams have set the tents and prepared service zones for the vehicles of participants, and the participants have undergone administrative checks, received necessary documents and made the recce.

The crews have passed Velodoroga and “Grebnoy canal” special stage twice, making the notes in order to achieve maximum speed during the rally. It will be the start at “Grebnoy canal” that will mark the Rally Masters Show opening tomorrow.

In the service area the technical inspection team, carrying out the cars examination and testing them for compliance with the rally rules, worked from 14:00 to 18:00.

The Rally Masters Show opening ceremony starts tomorrow at 11 am.

Welcome to rally!

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Rally Masters Show SCHEDULE 18 April, 2015

10:30    Spectator areas opening at Velodoroga and at the Grebnoy Canal stands
11:00    Opening ceremony. Presentation of crews. (Grebnoy Canal)
12:00    Sports cars start 
The first leg:
SS 1 (Grebnoy Canal)
SS 2 (Velodoroga) 

SS 3 (Grebnoy Canal)
SS 4 (Velodoroga-2) 
1st service (car service after SS1 – SS4) – the Grebnoy Canal area 

The second leg:
SS 5 (Grebnoy Canal)
SS 6 (Velodoroga backwards)  

SS 7 (Grebnoy Canal)
SS 8 (Velodoroga backwards -2)

 2nd service (car service after SS5 – SS8) – the Grebnoy Canal area 

17:00 Awarding at “Krylatskoe” Olympic center territory (Grebnoy Canal)

Press service

+7 921 939 01 49

+7 960 477 11 44


Official web-site: http://rallyshow.ru

Online results: http://rallyshow.ru/ru/online.html

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You can download high resolution pictures for media publishing

Please, note the author: photographer name / TTKME

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