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Dovylas Chutele: “I want to show my Zhiguli the motherland”

Lithuanian pilot Dovydas Chutele (Dobilas Ciutele) will bring a self-made Lada 2105 VFTS to Rally Masters Show.

- A friend of mine who participated in 2014 told me about the race. Excellent organization, interesting event, plus asphalt, I love asphalt races. And I really want to come here because I've never been in your country, but I promised to Clim Baikov that I will come to Russia for a race someday. In short, you can see for yourself - I just can not miss Rally Masters Show.

There still haven’t been a single event like this, held in the centre of the city especially for the watchers,
In Lithuana.

And I want to show my "Zhiguli" its home! I will drive for Lada 2105 1988’s release. According to the requirements of a sports car, it was produced in 2013. Engine capacity is 1.9 liters, the power - 170 hp, the cam transmission. Modified chassis and suspension. Everything is made with my hands.

If you want to have a quick "Zhiguli", one must work really hard. Especially when sport parts for this car are in a lack - almost everything has to be done by you. Well, or you need to have a lot of money. We have clubs in Lithuania dedicated to historical art, there are many Russian cars here.

There are many amusing moment in rally. We recently took part in the "300 lakes" rally, and on the longest special stage (about 30 km) we twice removed from the rocker gear from the transmission on the move, because it got stuck in the first gear. We thought we wouldn’t gonna make it. And at the finish it turned out that we didn’t even finish worse than third!
To the Rally Masters Show we will come to show our skill and look at others. Of course, “to show results" and ”to please the audience " are still different tasks, but I decided not to make a choice – the decision will be made on the spot.

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