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Evgeny Vasin:"Motorsports in our country lives!"

Remember the old joke: "I do not know who it is, but there is Brezhnev himself at his steering wheel"? So, you may not know all the participants of Rally Masters Show (although if you don’t know someone, just take a look at the "Participants" section and get to know that person better), but the safety crew will consist of Vasin and Shchukin!

Sorry for the old phrase, but this crew really needs no introduction. Evgeny Vasin and Alexey Shchukin are living legends of motorsports...
... And then, contradicting themselves, we are pleased to put a brief overview of the loudest titles and victories.

Evgeny Vasin: Honored Master of Sports, bronze medalist of the USSR Championship, winner of the European Rally Cup, silver medalist of the Monte Carlo Rally Championship, multiple winner of various stages of the European Rally Championship.

Alexey Shchukin: Honored Master of Sports, bronze medalist of the USSR Championship, quadriple champion of Russia, winner of the European Cup, silver medalist of the Monte Carlo Rally Championship.

Today Evgeny Vasin is the most popular coach, founder of the Vasin Driving School and author of the book about the secrets of driving, which gained immense popularity as among athletes, as among ordinary drivers. (By the way, the book will be able to be seen in the service park Rally Masters Show).

And now, all this enormous experience will bring to the Rally Masters Show track an ultramodern car Audi RS6 Avant 4.0 TSFI quattro in safety car mode...

E.Vasin: of course, the organizers invited me to drive in the race standings, but my co-driver Alex Shchukin is a member of the Stewards, and combining this position with the work of the navigator is impossible. Therefore, we did not invent anything, and decided to drive the safety car, which drives before the zero crews. We will pilot the most sporty car in its class: Audi RS6 560 hp, which hits 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. I think the true connoisseurs of the all-wheel drive will understand us! Of course, we will drive safely not to frighten the audience.

In the Rally Masters Show are involved pilots with whom I worked - with someone very seriously, with someone - just a little. But although I'm rooting for no one, it will be interesting to spectate on the driving style, the skill of every man. And, of course, the cars: this event is unique-everything is close by, on one track – the new with the old, experience with youth.

Rally Masters Show is, of course, a show. It is difficult to put everyone in the same condition - one drives Skoda, the other - Audi Quattro (by the way, in the right hands it should not look pale!), the third pilots the N group. And it is very interesting to watch.

- Will it be possible to meet and ask: my first pass failed, what have I done wrong? Can I have an advice?
E.Vasin: Of course you can, for God's sake. But I have to see a person in action, what he has done, to tell what was the mistake. And in general, as Shchukin says, we are always available for a dialogue.
- But maybe there are some universal tips from the coach?
E.Vasin: Only one universal advice: Rally Masters Show is asphalt. Winter is over, driving style should be changed, it's different now.

- What do you expect from the Rally Masters Show?
E.Vasin: The weather to be good, the mood to be good and plenty of watchers. Let them rejoice and see that motorsports in our country lives!

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