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Seasoned watchers already know what the zero crew is. Let us explain it to our new audience: the zero’s tack in to find out if the track is safe or not. The appearance of a “zero” means that the start in nearing and the safety of your position needs to be checked. Also “zeros” are convenient for photographers, because they can easily shoot in using the “zeros”.

One of zero crews on Rally Masters Show 2016 - Alexander Rusanov / Andrey Prokudin, and seeing these names, there is no need to ask about the brand of their car. Andrey Prokudin is one of the organizers of the STI-club, so we will certainly see on the track one star... two stars... best of all, of course, six stars - Subaru!
Andrey Prokudin: "It is the third time me driving a" zero "on the Rally Masters Show. My pilot will be Alexander Rusanov - the winner of our Winter STI-club Cup. Although the titles are not so important for the "zeros", but the experience is absolutely essential. With the passage of the zero crews people are sometimes very surprised with the appearance of cars, run out on the road ... Our job is precisely to warn the spectators: the vehicles will be here soon at much higher speeds.

Of course, we also want to drive fast, but an internal limiter is triggered: when you are a “zero”, you have a completely different job, and you're going in a completely different style - quick, but safe. Of course, zero crews do not drive at 40 or 60 km/h, but they always drive with no risk in order to get to the finish line.
«Rally Masters Show» is our favorite holiday as for me and the pilot as the entire STI-club. In addition, «Rally Masters Show» is a long-awaited occasion for the athletes and for the fans to meet and talk with each other in a racing but not a tense atmosphere.

This year we'll be rooting for Lucas (Alexei Lukyanyuk) and Gryazin (Nicholas Gryazin). No, these do not interfere – we’re just curious how the struggle on the road will look. I think that will be very interesting."

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