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Przemyclaw Mazur: «The idea of RMS is incredible!»

Polish crew Maciej Rzeznik / Przemyclaw Mazur was a debutant of Rally Masters Show. We asked co-driver a few questions about RMS 2013.

What is Rally Masters Show for you: rally, show or anything else?

Przemyclaw Mazur: For sure it is great event especially for spectators! It is not a real rally but you have many things which you can find on regular stages. I mean - tactic, risk and big fight. The rally is not too long, so you cant make any mistake, because there is not enough kilometers to repair your fail.

Maciej Rzeznik / Przemek Mazur

How do you like asphalt rallies at all?

Przemyclaw Mazur: We prefer tarmac rallies. It is like this, because most of Polish rounds are on the tarmac. For many years we had only one event on gravel and sometimes one event on snow. This year we will have two gravel rallies so maybe in near future it will be our favorite surface.

Maciej Rzeznik / Przemek Mazur

What is your attitude to the idea of Rally Masters Show?

Przemyclaw Mazur: The idea of RMS is incredible! Organizing such a event in such a city like Moscow guarantee that rallies will be more and more popular all over the world. Regular rallies are very often beside of big cities and only real fans come to see crews and cars. If you organize a rally like RMS in big city you can be sure that many new spectators will apear along the route.

Maciej Rzeznik / Przemek Mazur 

What was your main goal for this race and did you achieve it?

Przemyclaw Mazur: The main goal was to win the class. We didn't because now we know that we have to bring stronger car. We had some small problem with fuel pump and we lost few seconds. During this rally, few seconds means a lot!

Maciej Rzeznik / Przemek Mazur

You participated in Rally Masters Show for the first time. What do you like most in this event? What would you like to change? 

Przemyclaw Mazur: We have participated first time but I believe not the last one. We have also in Poland similar event, in the end of December. It is called Barborka Warszawska and it is also big event in motorsport. But we have a big problem in Poland with TV live stream. All the time football. I know that during RMS it was live stream and also many people from Poland was watching it!

Maciej Rzeznik / Przemek Mazur

Have you ever been in Moscow before? 

Przemyclaw Mazur: I was few years ago during my trip to Elbrus mountain, because climbing is my second hobby. It was first visit for my driver and he was incredible happy! 

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