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8th TV channel becomes Rally Masters Show 2012 media partner

The 8 Channel, Russian Federal information & entertainment TV portal, has become a media partner of the 2nd annual Rally Masters Show. Unique project, which is going to bring together the best crews from 8 countries for the 2nd consecutive year at the heart of Russia, in its capital – the city of Moscow, and provide to thousands of spectators with an opportunity to see with their own eyes what the pure rally is!

The 8 Channel broadcasting is organized in several time zones throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. In addition to entertaining programs, movies, TV series and children’s broadcasting, you can watch for the daily news, healthy lifestyle programs, automotive market news & reviews of the incoming models in the air. Among the channel viewers are young & middle-aged men & women, having a high degree of solvency and practicing a healthy lifestyle. One of the most popular projects of the 8 Channel is the “In Motion”. The original release of the project goes out on Sundays and it tells about different types of vehicles, automotive market updates and competitions of the leading automotive brands.

Rally Masters Show successfully combines all the features of the rally sports – namely dividing the route into Special Stages, the possibility of service breaks, and the show – the compactness of the track, an opportunity for the spectators to see almost all the Special Stages in one place and watch for the sports cars servicing.

Last year the 1st rally show in Russia was held in Krylatskoe region of Moscow, the best Russian crews and famous drivers from around the world became its participants. Thousands of Muscovites became the guests & spectators of the Rally Masters Show – for lots of them this was the 1st opportunity to learn with their own eyes what the auto rally is, to follow the crews’ rivalry through the rally route and to watch for the process of the rally cars maintenance in the Service Park.

Rally Masters Show venue has remained unchanged for the year 2012 – Krylatskoe will host it again. But the rally route has become even more interesting for the crews & even more spectacular for the guests of the show. Several Special Stages of the Rally Masters Show 2012 will take place at the inner ring of the legendary Olympic Bicycle Track. This is a paved Special Stage, which in Soviet times has been a traditional place for the races in Moscow region; it has been serving as a start-finish zone for many competitions and a training track for many Drivers & Co-Drivers, who are now masters of the Russian rallies. And a one more surprise for the guests & crews will be a Special Stage laid on the artificial ice under the roof of the CSC “Krylatskoe”.

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