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About the rally masters show

On the Easter Sunday eve of the year 2011 the 1st Rally Masters Show took place in Moscow. For many years there were no rallies in the heart of Russia, but finally this spectacular motor sport discipline returned to our capital – in a quickly gaining popularity format of a rally show featuring dynamic competition scenario and a big holiday, of course! Becoming the 1st rally show in the history of Russian motor sport, this race caused a great resonance among both the general public and the journalists’ corps. There were also many sportsmen not participating but watching for the Rally Masters Show and communicating with their colleagues and friends on site.

On a clear Saturday afternoon crowded grandstand of the “Krylatskoe” sports center greeted rally drivers from the UK, Finland, Sweden and Estonia entering the scene alongside the leading Russian crews. The race has been visited by more than 30 sportsmen from 5 countries. Such a scale of the brand-new event attracted to its broadcasting several leading Russian TV- channels, the Rock FM radio and many Internet resources.

The rally route has been composed of six Special Stages – in fact, there were 2 non-recurring SS, each one to be passed thrice. The 1st of them has been paved around the grandstand of the Olympic rowing channel, while the 2nd one has been arranged on an island in the middle of it. An artificial jump and several retarders have been added to the course in order to bring some specific charm and entertainment to this race. Altogether it has left no room for even a shadow of boredom neither for the public nor for the competitors themselves – with an aggressive and spectacular approach of the last bringing a lot of fun for the first.

Of course, among the primary favorites of the race have been considered Mark Higgins – multiple UK rally Champion, Isle of Man Tourist Trophy record-holder and many WRC events participant – on board of a familiar Subaru Impreza WRX STi, and Finland rally Champion Toni Gardemeister – driving its eternal rival Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. But in no way could they escape from the reigning P-WRC vice-champion Patrick Flodin of Sweden and countless times Russian rally Champion Sergei Uspenskiy – all of them also chased by many other very young and very experienced Russian rally drivers.

Finally all the six SS have turned into an arena of uncompromising battle with more than 6,000 of people staring at the spectacular rally action. Mark Higgins has won two stages, taking an early lead for a few tenths of a second, later transformed into the ultimate victory. Another two have been taken by Patrick Flodin, pushing hard on Higgins the entire race – but all these efforts have only led to a 2nd overall with 7 seconds behind the famous Manx. There was an intense fight for the bronze ended in Russian colors with the hands of Eugene Aksakov taking the prize. Almost surprisingly the race has turned into a total misfortune for Toni Gardemeister with his car unpredictably misfiring, but he has found his own way. The Finn has performed a one-man show during one of the last stages doing some spectacular “police” turns just in front of the grandstand, inspiring the audience in place.

Among the youngsters on the FWD-spec cars a serious struggle has broken out, too. 17-years- old Vasiliy Gryazin has succeeded to show his best, bringing together three “first-evers”: taking his 1st victory in his 1st race on tarmac while being on board of a FWD race car for the 1st time. The 2nd place has gone to Sergei Naryshkin, the most experienced driver on the FWD podium. There are 4 Champion of Russia titles on his account supplemented with some other prizes gained in Russian Cups and Championships! The 3rd place has become a pleasant award to Ivan Vorobjov. More to say, the all three are the successors of the sports dynasties. Fathers of Eugene and Vasiliy and Ivan’s uncle are all well-known titled race drivers.

An emphasis has been put on the GAZ 51 rally trucks. They have been going through only half of a distance as the course on the island appeared to be too narrow for these Goliaths. But they have won their glory with showy jumps and power slides – and also very communicable and friendly crews; so the applauses for them have been undoubtedly well-deserved!

The winning team was the Cone Forrest composed of Mark Higgins / Ian Tomas, Sergei Uger / Trofim Chikin and Dmitry Korolev / Alexander Sapiro crews.

The Course Cars’ crews also should be noticed. Pavel Korzhnev on board of Skoda Fabia RS has performed for the Official Skoda Dealer ‘AutoPrague’ – it has become also an Official RMS Partner, Kirill Pozhidaev driving Mitsubishi Lancer Evo – for Russian-Rally.ru, and Dmitry Tomko with his Subaru WRT-colored Impreza WRX STi.

Finally good mood and adrenaline has become an award for everyone. After the end of the day Organizers have expressed the hope to turn such shows into a good tradition gathering the frontrunners of the World Rallying back in Moscow in 2012. There are no doubts that such a kind of events is absolutely necessary for the capital – as they are attracting attention to motorsport, bringing new audiences and raising Governments’ awareness of it. And, of course, to enjoy the spectacle!

Toni Gardemeister and Mark Higgins have assured the Organizers that they are ready to come for the next RMS and that it will be a great pleasure for them to spend more time in the hospitable city of Moscow. The Finnish ace, who is very fond of winter rallies, has also expressed a wish to participate in a similar show held on the ice of the Rowing channel – Timur Kafarov, an author, an inspirer and a chief organizer, has responded that it is also his idea to make a winter race. And if we will take into account support from Moscow Government & Sport Committee it becomes clear that Rally Masters Show can reach big heights in the nearest future!

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