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AKENORI becomes Rally Masters Show 2012 partner

To equip your car with a digital video recording (DVR) unit is becoming a commonplace recently – just the same situation as it was with the car audio several years ago. Road conditions & situation video recording helps in the analysis of disputes in case of an accident, lets you to show your friends or to publish interesting videos about the route you’ve been travelling. In motorsport videography out of the car can be considered as one of the most spectacular media as it provides to you a view on the race track through the eyes of an athlete.

The AKENORI brand, a manufacturer of modern video recorders with rich functionality, becomes an official partner of the Rally Masters Show 2012. Arrival of the companies producing general automotive products at the field of motorsport as sponsors or partners is a world-wide developing trend. And now in Russia, during one of the biggest motorsport events, which is held in the capital, breaking with this a multi-year draught, you will see the brand AKENORI brand supporting the Rally Masters Show.

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