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Freezone becomes Rally Masters Show 2012 partner

The humanity desire to conquer the Nature and to fly is known since immemorial times. Thanks to relentless will to overcome the force of gravity now usual planes, hang gliders, parachutes and other flying technics has appeared.

The rally also has a place for flying, though not as long as it can be by the aircraft. But a car that is designed to sort of movement on the ground, soaring above the earth’s firmament and hovering in the air is always the strongest impression for the rally audience. And one of the most beautiful pictures you can take is exactly when a racing car breaks away from the ramp and flies.

But the coast outside of the aircraft fuselage or a short jump on the race car remains somewhat mysterious and unknown. However, the free fly experience is not as difficult to receive as it seems. It is the Freezone at the Simferopol highway who provides to you with such an opportunity. The one & only purpose-built complex including two wind tunnels – one of which is the largest in Eastern Europe – gives everyone the opportunity to feel for themselves – under the supervision of experienced instructors – what the free flight is!

Simferopolskoe shosse (highway) 59-th km (39 km from Moscow Cirquit Road)
Phone +7 495 545 25 49, Skype - freezoneinfo

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