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KARCHER becomes the Rally Masters Show 2012 technical partner

The KÄRCHER counts more than 70 years of market history. Established in 1935 as a heating system manufacturing company, it has later concentrated on developing & producing of the high-pressure type cleaning equipment. Nowadays the company catalogue features a wide range of cleaning & tidying up machinery for the both professional & domestic use.

The KÄRCHER brand has become a symbol of the reliable & professional equipment many years ago, whether we are talking about water & vacuum cleaners or about a pretty dozens of other items in the range. It really does not matter, have you bought either a small “domestic” KÄRCHER or a “big” one for business & daily use, you can be absolutely sure that these machinery will serve you for many, many years.

There is a long-term fellowship established between the KÄRCHER Company and the motorsport. You can see the pavilions in corporate yellow-and-black livery during the World & National Championships rounds – near the podium or before the Service Park entry. And then, especially on the terrain rallies, where the racing cars are going through many kilometers of the dusty roads, spectators can watch for them shining bright after passing the KÄRCHER washing post. All in all, it is much more pleasant to take a photo with a clean car – as it is also easier for the technical staff to deal with the clean nuts.

Rally Masters Show route consists of tarmac Special Stages. However, mud & dust will appear on the cars all the same. But – this is a show, yes? And the show should be a good-looking one first of all. And if performing slightly will be the Crews’ goal, the beauty & cleanness of the Rally Masters Show cars is our target!

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