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Andrei KLESCHEV: Rally Masters Show format is unique

Rally Masters Show is not a usual event. A classic rally in a very compact format – and a spectacular show for the visitors. However, although the entertainment component is a very important one & a great attention is paid for it, this is a motorsport competition to be held in compliance with all the regulation issued by the Russian Automobile Federation and concerning classic rally events.

This means that all the services ensuring the smooth conduct of a rally should be in a rally show, too. One of the principal bodies of any rally is the board of the Stewards of the Meeting. It is composed of the most experienced Officials carrying a huge burden of responsibility on their shoulders for the analysis of all the complex & conflict situations emerging throughout the event. Sometimes even the fate of all the race depends on the decision of the Stewards.

Rally Masters Show 2012 board of Stewards will be chaired by the leading reporter of the AutoReview motoring magazine, an experienced Official, deputy chairman of the RAF Rally Committee Andrei KLESCHEV. He agreed to answer a few questions about the upcoming event.

Andrei, have you ever seen similar events in other countries?
Live – only the Monza show, which I regularly attend. It is usually held in late November.

What are the differences between the Monza & the Rally Masters shows from your point of view?
The Monza show is more of a classic rally format. There are three days of racing action, when the first two are like the usual rally which takes place on conventional Special Stages, though laid on a permanent circuit. And it is only the 3rd day featuring the spectators-oriented Super Special Stage with all the attributes – including a pair race.
Our Rally Masters Show is of a more concise & compact format. The race lasts about day and a half for the crews – including the reconnaissance – and only several hours for the spectators – on a holiday, to say more. And at the same time it is a full-fledged rally with all its features, spectacle and rivalry. And, again, the similar shows in other countries are still more national-oriented events. There may be invited drivers from other states, but, as a rule, only one or two as max. Timur Kafarov & TTK Motorsport Events Ltd was able to initially make the Rally Masters Show a truly international festival. This year crews from 8 countries will come! We can say that it will be a real Race of Champions in Krylatskoe – composed of current, former & not only Russian masters. A very pleasing is the fact that many famous sportsmen were invited and agreed to take part in the event – even if they were not racing for many years, but they have made an invaluable contribution to the development of the Soviet & Russian motorsport. This is a truly legendary people.

What do you think, how much is it necessary to hold such rally shows – what can them give to the audience & to the participants?
With proper use of this resource it is possible to get the effect which will be much more significant than that of the complete season of successful participating in the Cup or Championship events. To work with potential or already existing sponsors there is no more convenient format to be imagined. There is no need to “pull” them to the remote regions where the Russian rallies usually take place. In Moscow, in rather comfortable conditions, you can show all the beauty of the sport, the interest of spectators. Again, the amount of media accredited to the Rally Masters Show is already incomparable with the numbers usual to the regular national rally events.
If we are talking about more global benefits, certainly we can say about promoting the sport of rallying itself. It is almost impossible to see so many spectators at the Special Stages of the regular rally events. Rally is not the sport of a country capital. Even in countries with a rich history & culture of rallying – like Germany or France –the Championship rounds are always held far away from the capitals. In the places where the interesting routes can be found and where the required level of safety & security can be provided. But now such rally shows are more & more often organized inside the big cities, at the beginning or at the end of a season. In particular, in Prague, Warsaw or Bologna, Italy, during the Bologna Motor Show. And it is absolutely correct. Such events help to promote the sport a lot and render a very serious assistance to its development.

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