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Alexei STRELKOV about the Rosie O’Grady’s restaurant & its partnership with the Rally Masters Show 2012

What can you name the distinguishing feature of your restaurant drawing visitors to you the most?
Since its foundation and for all the years of existence of our restaurant the main task for us is to make sure that everyone who comes to Rosie once would like to come back again and again. This task means a combination of some very important factors – such as the quality of service, a sound approach to organizing of recreational activities and the process of creating a cozy atmosphere for every visitor. The consistent adherence to these priorities should be considered as a key to success. And, of course, there are two features able to integrate a variety of people in the desire to return to Rosie – a tasty beer 1st & the right music 2nd!

What is the range of your visitors and repeat customers?
The main age category is the people from 30 to 50 years, mostly graduates of higher educational institutions of Moscow over the years.

Tell us about your plans for the restaurant’s development?
There are always a lot of plans, because only constant forward motion allows us to find new attractive solutions and meet the spirit of the age. At the moment we are working on further development of our project – The Blues & Rock’n’Roll Theater “Grady’s”, including the plans to set new musical performances. This type of events is unique in the format of restaurants and a year of its existence has already attracted a large number of guests.

What is your restaurant’s interest in the Rally Masters Show?
As you know, the motion is the life itself. Sports – and motorsports in particular – is not just a motion, it’s a spirit of competition, a stiff rivalry, the joy of victories & the bitterness of defeats. To become an official partner of this pure sporting event is an honor and a pleasure for us. But in a break between the races many athletes attend our restaurant… and do this over and over…

What is common between the motorsports and the restaurant business in your opinion?
Feel thirsty. (Laughing)

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