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Sport Express media holding becomes Rally Masters Show media partner

Sport Express media holding, uniting the most popular sports newspaper, the largest sports portal, sports Internet TV and sports news agency, became a media partner of the Rally Masters Show, which will be held April 21 in Moscow.

The event provides a rare opportunity to Muscovites, without leaving the city, right under their windows to watch for the pure rally cars and to talk with the leaders of the domestic motorsport. Among them will be the most successful Russian rally driver – Eugene Novikov. A few weeks ago in Portugal, he was the author of a historical achievement becoming the first Russian prizewinner at the WRC round.

Partnership with the Rally Masters Show is the next step in promotion of the media holding new projects: in the forthcoming summer a specialized site dedicated to the automotive theme will be presented to the readers. The basis of the site will be formed of information about the fast road cars and all types of motor sport – the so-called "track days" when everyone can go to the racetrack at the wheel of his own car, to the Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship rounds.

However, the new project is not limited to this concept. The car as a source of pleasure, a means of expression and an essential element of lifestyle – from this point of view editorial office of the site is able to look at any car, from Togliatti "penny" to extra-expensive German SUV. Hence – the interest to travelling by car and seeking for adventures behind its wheel, to its tuning and participating in activities of the informal car clubs, now existing for every popular make and model. Visitors to the site will quickly be out of any doubts that in addition to being simply a vehicle the car is a tool to make life brighter, richer and more exciting.

In connection with all of the above it seems to be logical that the Sport Express is cooperating with the project like the Rally Masters Show. Rally is one of the most exciting forms of motorsports, and the show visitors will have an opportunity to experience it. Several Special Stages will be organized on the territory of the sports complex in Krylatskoe - with the crews driving them through in a race mode. For the 1st time in the history of the national rallies athletes will compete under the roof – as one of the Special Stages is organized on the arena of the palace of ice sports! It is noteworthy that the entrance to the event is free.

Sport Express media holding is a market leader in the field of sports information in Russia. The composition of the holding includes: Sport Express newspaper – the most popular & authoritative sports media of the country (more than 500 000 of daily readers), the largest sports Internet-portal www.sport-express.ru (more than 6.5 million unique users per month), sports new generation Internet-TV and a sports news agency “Sport Express – Interfax”, providing to its subscribers with a wide range of news and analysis.

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