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STI-Club becomes Rally Masters Show 2012 partner

Sports cars, especially those as unusual as the Subaru, have always been a kind of a magnet attracting fans & lovers. Subaru Impreza WRX STI, a car designed by Japanese engineers specifically for classic rally, could not remain unnoticed.

Perhaps it didn’t achieve sales rates similar to mass cars from the other manufacturers, but it has always riveted attention. And what about this pedigree so–called “boxer” – in accordance with the arrangement of cylinders in the engine – sound that cannot be confused with anything else!

A huge army of these cars’ fans fond of all the versions & variations is now integrated within the Club. And, of course, almost all members of this Club in some degree participate in rally life in Russia – well, how else can it be? In spite of its Japanese origin the car has become very popular in Russia, and many well-known drivers achieved impressive results and sports titles exactly behind the wheel of a car with a constellation of the Pleiades on the badge.

And in the 2012 we are making a new step - STI-Club becomes Rally Masters Show partner. Club’s activists Andrei PROKUDIN & his Co-Driver Svetlana SHUMSKIKH will drive through the rally route as a Course Car crew, while the numerous supporters will maintain the brand & the Show participants from the grandstands.

The history of the Club started with virtual communication on a core automotive forum. The 1st meeting was held on the 25th of August, 2004, near the Arc de Triomphe and gathered a few single-minded enthusiasts. There were a lot of common interests with even more great ideas, and the main of them – to create our own Club, Club of the Subaru lovers (and not only the Subaru, as it turned out later). This day was announced the birthday of the STI-Club.

The idea if establishing the Club has been developing rapidly. Within a short period of time a site with a forum for communication has appeared and all the trappings have been created: the Club flags, stickers and brand-blue uniform. Holding Club events has become a regular practice, including Club drives for the various racetracks. The practical implementation of the Club motto – “For active safety driving” – has begun during the activities organized by the Club in a variety of driving schools.

In 2005 the Club rally team has been participating in the Russian Rally Championship for the 1st time in its history. Later our teams have become multiple prizewinners of a variety of the Rally Championship & Cup of Russia rounds. The most striking achievement of the Club crew Sulimov-Gosteev was the 1st place in R-12 class & the 4th overall at the Rally “Peno” in 2007. In 2012 the Club crews Prokudin-Shumskikh and Abramov-Rusanov have already brought to the Club the 1st place in the Teams classification of the CFR Championship at the Rally “Peno”.

The brand-blue uniform has become the “trademark” of the Club members, and a big, close-knit and well-organized group of fans travels to support the Club crews during the rally events. At the final round of the Russian Rally Championship in 2007 in Novorossiysk it has won the competition among the fan-clubs. In addition, the STI-Club regularly participates & organizes karting & rally-sprint events.

The Club members’ interests extend far beyond the automotive theme. The Club has a competitive hockey team which has received a double after some period of time. Guys train seriously and participate in hockey tournaments and various amateur hockey leagues. We also have a football team which has taken the 2007 Cup among the rally teams.

The Club life is full of trips to the rounds of the Russian & World Rally Championships, kart & rally-sprint competitions and regular meetings on the Sparrow Hills.

The Club membership is not limited to ownership of the charismatic car carrying the Subaru brand, and the personal interests of the Club members are so diverse, that the number of them is growing like an avalanche. Like a magnet, the Club is attracting more and more new & interesting people. And the blue card of a Club member has become a source of a pride for a long time.

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