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Rally Masters Show press conference at the RIA News, 18th of April, 2012

Today at the RIA News International Multimedia Press-Centre was held a press conference dedicated to the international motorsport event named Rally Masters Show, which will be held on the April 20-21 at the CSC “Krylatskoe” in Moscow. The press conference was attended by the following key persons: Alexei VOROBJOV, Head of the Moscow Physical Education & Sport Department; Timur KAFAROV, Director General of the TTK Motorsport Events Ltd, RMS holder; Alexander POLINSKIY, Director General of the Moscow Directorate of Sports & Entertainment Events; Vasiliy GRYAZIN, Russian rally-driver.

Dear colleagues & friends, the event to be held in Moscow at the April 20-21 inside the CSC “Krylatskoe” & at the Lata Track complex on the Krylatskoe Hills is a very important one. These are the places to host an international motorsport event Rally Masters Show 2012.
The official route reconnaissance will take place on the 20th of April, while the competition itself will be held on the 21st of April with a ceremonial opening at 11 AM. Today we can announce nearly 260 representatives of sports delegations from Russia, Latvia, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Belgium, Italy and the Republic of Kazakhstan arriving at Moscow. We received entries from 104 sportsmen representing 8 countries. The organizers of the event are the following:
- Moscow Physical Education & Sport Department
- Russian Automobile Federation
- TTK Motorsport Events Ltd
Meeting & seeing off the delegates will be held in the normal mode for us as we have formed a special group inside the Department. For the participants of the event a special bus transfer will be organized from the Central Tourist’s House hotel to the track & back. All the necessary special services will be involved for an immediate assistance. Medical care will be provided by the Moscow Scientific & Practical Centre of Sports Medicine, Moscow Department of Health. Responsible for the security at the event will be the General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Moscow, Office of the Federal Security Service in the city of Moscow & Moscow region, General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the city of Moscow, in cooperation with the security services of the facilities involved in the event.

Good afternoon! We are very glad to see you attending our press conference. For the second consecutive year rally is coming to the capital of Russia. As in the past year, the event will be supported by the Government of Moscow – and we are very pleased for a much more of this support to be provided for us this year. And for this we implicitly have to say words of gratitude to Alexey VOROBJOV & Alexander POLINSKIY. Everything is ready for the event at the moment. Erecting of a grandstand on the territory of the Lata Track complex is in process, as well as of the scrutineering & supplying marquees. We are waiting for the first Estonian crews to arrive today. Lifting the veil a little, we announce the WRC car to enter the track of our event, at the moment it passes customs clearance at the Finland-Russia border. We are not allowed to tell you now who will be driving this car, but, nevertheless, it’s a big star. Also we can announce that one of the VIP participants heading the Safety group will be Stasis BRUNDZA. We are very pleased that many young drivers decided & agreed to take part in our event despite the fact that they have a very tight schedule. And here you can see Vasiliy GRYAZIN – not to be afraid of the word, a big hope of the Russian motorsport – attending our press conference today. Eugene NOVIKOV also agreed to take part in our event behind the wheel of an R4 car despite the fact that he have a WRC round in Argentina a week after the Rally Masters Show.

Vasiliy GRYAZIN:
Good afternoon! I am very pleased to be invited to this competition for the second time. Last year, I really liked it; we even took the 1st place in our class standings. I was very happy to learn that this year the Lata Track will be included in the route, as I had heard a lot about this course hosting races nearly ten years ago already. Since my childhood I dreamed of a ride at the Lata Track, and this year my dream will come true.

A question to T. Kafarov: What you can say about the differences between this year’s race and the previous one?
First of all I would like to say the most important thing – words of warmest gratitude to the Government of Moscow for turning into reality the 10-years-old wish of sportsmen, for bringing them back the Short Course of the Olympic Bicycle Track. Of course, we want to use the Long Course, too. Certainly, there are the plans to expand the number of events in Moscow, it is possible to organize a big race her, even the Russian Rally Championship round. Tarmac one. Not everyone is ready for this opportunity, including athletes themselves, but, nevertheless, Rally Masters Show should be considered as one of the, to say so, preparatory events. And with this we have two important moments – one of them is bringing back the Short Course, and the second one is maintaining a show, combining incompatible, previously seen only at the legendary Rally Monte Carlo route. We are uniting ice & tarmac. Climbing at the Monte Carlo mountains, we are going from tarmac to ice – just the same we will have at Moscow, with a Special Stage named “Moscow Ice” to be held on a closed course within the CSC “Krylatskoe” and 4 Short Course Special Stages following it. Unfortunately, the snow has already gone, so the participants will have to drive on tarmac really. Here are the main innovations. To say about the Entry List, I have to say that Higgins brothers will not be able to come. Mark has won the RMS last year, but now he is busy shooting for the next “James Bond” series, and we just could not pull it from the schedule. Toni Gardemeister is entering rally-raid at Astrakhan, it was his big wish to come & participate, but will not be able to do this. However, our current Entry List features one of the strongest compositions ever seen at the Russian classic rally events.

A question to A. Vorobjov: Please, tell us about the rally in your life?
It so happened that I have been studying in the Baltics. For a while there were some opportunities to be engaged in motorsports activities. It would not be entirely true to name this process a serious rally preparation, but, nevertheless, I felt the taste of the racing life. Then it so happened that there was a banal road accident crossing out career’s perspectives for me as an athlete. I have set other priorities for myself, but I immensely love rallying. When it is possible, on weekends in particular, I get behind the wheel of my car and enjoy driving it for myself. To say more I am a good motorcycle rider – you can ask Surgeon to confirm this fact. In general, everything connected with technique is very close to me and I really like it.
Within the system of the Moscow Sports Committee for some reasons there is no motorsport team, this is the field for other Associations & Federations. Nevertheless, we are maintaining fellowship & intercommunications with all the heads of the Federations.
Once, like many others, I was fond of F1 racing and rooting for Michael Schumacher until he left. It was not the same story when he returned, but I almost never had missed even a single broadcast. This was a kind of my home ritual.

A question to V. Gryazin: How did you manage to achieve such results at your age? Probably you are dreaming about the F1, aren’t you?
In fact, I’ve been watching for my father, Stanislaw, racing since my childhood – he was a Champion of Russia, and it was my dream to go rallying exactly. When I was 16, father offered me to go in for sports, and I did not hesitate to agree immediately as it has been very interesting to me since the childhood. Constantly travelling with my father, I can remember the 1st time following him as a passenger in a sports car – this was the most vivid sense of my life. I don’t want to leave this sport and there is no force able to make me leave it. I will try to perform better and better.

A question to T. Kafarov: Moscow will host the Rally Masters Show for the second time. Don’t you have plans to hold similar events in neighbor countries, big cities and regional centers of Russia?
I don’t want to open things up. Indeed, such plans exist. More to say, after the last year’s Rally Masters Show, we have been contacted by representatives of three countries with a proposal to host a similar event there. So far, the work is in progress.

The complete video recording of the press conference you can see at the RIA News official page.

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