Dear spectators,
Welcome to the
Rally Masters Show 2017!



The organizers return a short special stage "Rowing Channel" specially for the spectators and the Olympic Bicycle Road will be used according to the scheme of 2016.

The teams will have an additional task between the sections of the rally - speed challenge to changing the wheels on rally cars. It is this element of the show program that the mechanics of crew's need to do, and the fastest team's representatives will be awarded a special prize.

Spectators will be able to watch this process in the rally service park, which will be open to all those who enter the Rowing Channel on Saturday, April 22.

Preliminary schedule of the event (Friday 21 April 2017)
13:00 - 18:00 Pre-start Technical checks
18:00 - 20:00 Shakedown

The preliminary schedule of the event (Saturday April 22, 2017)
11:00 Grand opening of the competition, presentation of crews
11:40 - 11:55 Show of a group of stuntmen
12:00 Start of the rally
13:00 Finish of the 1st section, regrouping, service
13:45 - 14:15 Parade of historic cars
14:20 - 14:40 Show of a group of stuntmen
15:00 Start of the second section
16:00 Estimated time for the finish of the 1st crew
17:00 Publication of preliminary results
17:10 Press conference with rally participants
17:30 Publication of official results
17:30 Awarding Ceremony


We recommend you to see:

Service park – a wonderful overview on the service area. For your convenience the broadcast from multiple cameras located on Olimpic bicycle road is planned on a large screen in front of the podium.

Гребной Канал


Olimpic bicycle road – the main struggle for precious seconds will be carried on at this stage. It is planned to create a spectator area in Krylatskie Kholmy street. Please check the weather forecast and take warm clothes, umbrellas and rubber boots if necessary. However, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the spectator areas due to weather conditions or security requirements. Please understand such decisions.


Spectators with disabilities

Spectators with disabilities can park near the Grebnoy Canal stands and use them and the surrounding infrastructure to view the event. For entry an appropriate sign on the car and a government issued identification are required.
Audio and video recording must be agreed with the organizers.

Warning! Motorsport can be dangerous!

Do not go over the fence!
Follow the judges and officials of the race!
They know exactly what you can/can not do.

Always stay at a safe distance from the road! What distance to be considered safe in the rally is extremely difficult to determine. There were times when the cars went off the road in the most unexpected places and “cut a swathe” of incredibly great distance. Remember – the car “leaves” the road suddenly! Unfortunately, in most cases there is not enough time to take action to save your own life.
Do not cross the road unless it is absolutely necessary! Sport crews start at intervals of one or two minutes. However, the second car could come much sooner! Overtaking on the special stages is not as rare as it seems! Do not detain sports cars passage. Do not clutter on the track and do not allow other spectators doing it.

The Rally Master Show is held on the track up to 60 km of special stages. Rally route is divided into two legs, between which a break, regrouping and Service Parks are provided.

All special stages surface is asphalt. During the rally service is only allowed in the Service Park. Refuelling is prohibited.

Парная гонка


Дневной Сервис


Last year the Rally Masters Show viewers could watch the following classes on the road:


Cars, according the regulations: for N4 (NR4) cars, i.e. Appendix J to the ISC or 4000Н - Appendix 9 to the Classifications and Technical Regulations of RAF 2017


Rear wheel drive passenger cars with normal aspirated engine CC up to 2000 cm3 , corresponding to regulations:

  • Appendix «К» to the ISC FIA for Historical cars;
  • Appendix 9 to the Classifications and Technical Regulations of RAF 2017.


All cars related to the class P11 and also cars according to the regulations:

  • Appendix «К» to the ISC FIA for Historical cars;
  • Appendix 9 to the Classifications and Technical Regulations of RAF 2017.
  • Other cars if Organiser decides they are eligible for this Class


All the above and also cars, made according to the regulations for: WRC, А8, RC1, RRC, R5, R4 of the FIA or E12 (Estonia), LRC1 (Latvia) and L8 (Lithuania) and other cars which do not match neither of the Classes above and allowed to start under special decision of the Organiser.


Teams consisting of 2-5 crew of the classes above.



They know exactly what you can/can not do.

Do not go over the fence.
Follow the judges and officials of the race!
Warning! Motorsport can be dangerous!