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Rally Masters Show – News from Special Stage 1

Rally Masters Show has been opened! As it was expected, it was Evgeny Novikov who show the best time on the special stage 1. Even visually, he was the best. Martin also exactly passed the distance, but he was a little slower. Gena Broslavsky seems to get accustomed to a rented Mini; at least the sixth result is a good score.

Evgeny Novikov

Differential mechanism on Alexey Vasiliev’s car was broken and the car even stopped, spinning in front of stands. What’s more, according to the opinion of those who were observing the race, angle of rotation was not appropriate, anyway, Alexey brushed against some curbs. Patrik Flodin seemed rather successful and could obtain good results if only he hadn’t  come to the last bale from the other side. So, he had to slow down and make a U-turn.

Alexey Vasiliev

The pilots on the "standard" cars have shown excellent results.  Maris Neiksans was third overall. It’s interesting that Alex Lukyanuk showed the fourth time, whereas he’d almost stopped several times in front of stand. His ASRT teammate - Siim Plangi - finished fifth.

Markko Martin

After a long break, Evgeny Aksakov started effectively, but while rounding the last bale retarder, he hooked his front bumper and moved it over four meters. To return a bale back, joint efforts of several marshals were needed, moreover – it was necessary to keep off for some minutes the start of subsequent cars.

Some problems overtook Ivars Vasaraudzis - in the middle of the SS1, he turned on the emergency signal. What was the reason, we’ll soon find out.

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