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Rally Masters Show – News from Special Stage 2

After a short special stage, laid on the territory of the Grebnoy channel, the participants of Rally Masters Show got out to Velodoroga. Once again, it was Evgeny Novikov to show the best results! The resident of Moscow, driving Ford Focus RS WRC, literally flew on a scenic road, having left his opponents far behind.

Vasiliy Gryazin, acting at the wheel of Ford Fiesta RRC became his closest pursuit racer - lagged 17.9 second behind.

Evgeny Novikov

For the first time after a long break Markko Martin toeing the starting line at the wheel of WRC car, began the second special stage of Rally Masters Show unsuccessfully: his Focus RS WRC cut out at the start, what immediately resulted in a serious lag of special stage’s winner and loss of position. After two special stages, Martin fell back to third place, letting Gryazin through.

Gena Broslavskiy, first time performing on Mini WRC, at once lost several positions: he was only ninth on Velodoroga, rolling back to eighth place.

Vasiliy Gryazin

Maris Neiksans who has shown the fourth time again became the best of the class 4000H. Patrik Flodin was here the fifth, and Maciej Rzeznik driving Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, finished with the sixth result. In overall standings the Pole bypassed Alexey Lukyanuk, having taken the sixth place.

At the same time, the first passing of Velodoroga had turned out with troubles for some participants of Rally Masters Show. Thus, Alexey Vasiliev owing to problems on previous special stage withdrew.

Lotvinov get a puncture on SS2

Ruslan Mukimhanov was swung around on a track, Ilya Lotvinov punched out wheel and Ivan Vorobyov, who at this special stage lagged six minutes behind the leader, also couldn’t elude puncture. However, the most spectacular incident of the SS2 was Dmitriy Porohnya's Lada-VFTS flight that ended withdrawal for Muscovite.

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