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Rally Masters Show – News from Special Stage 3

The third special stage went off calmer then the first one. Now too fast approaches on circles before stands of Grebnoy Channel and the rough road on the second half of the stage were the main challenges for almost all the crews. The best time here again showed Evgeny Novikov, Martin again came second. Broslavskiy and Gryazin missed entries to the first circle, and both had to stop. The same mistake was made by Siim Plangi. Hence their results: Broslavskiy is 15th (he also hit the stands), Gryazin is 10th and Plangi - 14th.

Alexei Lukyanuk showed third result, Patrik Flodin finished right after him. Maciej Rzeznik and Evgeny Aksakov showed drift miracles, and Ilya Lotvinov in a burst of excitement drove back part of his car on a roadside, having flapped clouds of dirt.

It seems that among pilots of historical cars Grigoriy Berezkin, driving Audi Quattro, turned out to be in the worst situation. While spinning, his car stopped several times. But it has no hydraulic wheel which is so necessary on similar rounds.

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