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Rally Masters Show – final SS

The final special stage of Rally Masters Show decided the fate of the leader in race. On SS4 Evgeny Novikov punched a wheel and moved on the third position, lagged Markko Martin and Vasily Gryazin behind. At the service Evgeny got a wheel changed, however Novikov was left without spare wheel. It would be better for him not to risk, but the victory was at a stake…

Evgeny Novikov

On the short SS5 Evgeny outstripped Gryazin whereupon came close to Martin. Visually Evgeny drove more aggressively than the opponent did. However, it should be mentioned that Martin is an experienced and talented pilot, and finally the Estonian lagged Evgeny only 1.1 seconds behind. After all, SS6 is a well-known Velodoroga, the most difficult SS in Russian and even in the world rally as well.

Vasiliy Gryazin finished third, lagged Novikov 24,9 seconds behind. For the car of category "Super" it is an excellent result.

Maris Neiksans performed amazingly steadily – since SS2 he settled down on the fourth position that he held up until finish. Maris won race in 4000H classification. Thus, Neiksans drove a "standard" car. Gena Broslavskiy had to get out from the ninth place where he fell off because of mistakes made on SS3. Broslavskiy became the fifth, having shifted Alexey Lukyanuk. Moreover, he hadn’t 1.3 seconds to reach Neiksans.

Gena Broslavskiy

The second in 4000N classification was Alex Lukyanuk, the third – Ramunas Capkauskas. Dmitry Myachin won in 2000H classification. Sergey Naryshkin descended – the car from a course buried in a hay bale (one of that organizers used for retarder, by the way, each bale weighs 700 kg) and broke radiator. In classification of historical cars Nikita Sokovnin driving Lancia Delta HF Integrale, stopped at a roadside because of technical problems. Grigoriy Berezkin became the best in this event.

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