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Aivis Egle: "It will be something interesting!"

Five time Latvian Rally champion Aivis Egle is a debutant of Rally Masters Show. But we should consider such person who is experienced and has a lot of titles one of the candidates for high positions.

There are less and less asphalt rallies in the national championships. How do you like rallies on such surface?

Aivis Egle: As there is no asphalt surface in Latvia I don’t have enough experience. I haven’t driven on asphalt wheels for a long times. It will be something new and interesting for me!

Айвис Эгле

At Rally Masters Show 2013 there will be many strong opponents. Who is the main rival?

Aivis Egle: Everyone is a competitor. I know some of them and we have competed in some rallies. But for me it’s a chance to get experience.

What will you drive?

Aivis Egle: I will drive Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X N4.

What result do you want to achieve?

Aivis Egle: I want the result when our crew is pleased.

Rally Masters Show will be held on the 20 of April at Krylatskoe in Moscow. TTK Motorsport Events is an organizer of it. The rally is supported by Moscow Government and Moskomsport.

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