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Champions from Yaroslavl

Young drivers on a yellow front wheel drive cars have been fighting among the leaders of the Russian Rally championship and Cup for a few years. Three time Rally champion of Russia Ivan Vorobyev and the holder of the Russian Cup Alexey Petrov will participate in Rally Masters Show 2013. Before the race start they answered several questions.

Ivan Vorobyev

What is your attitude to Rally Masters Show and such kind of event in general?

Alexey Petrov: Very good! Rally is always a holiday for motorsport supporters and fans. Moreover, when it happens in the capital of our country and the organizer is experienced TTK Motorsport Events and participants are best drivers.

Ivan Vorobyev: I think that such events should be held annually. Everything is quick and it’s convenient location. I wish a similar event could be held in winter because such competitions attract the best drivers and they want to please their supporters not only in summer but in winter as well!

Alexey Petrov

What would you like to change in Rally Masters Show? What does the RMS need?

Alexey Petrov: The main thing is that changes should made in better way. As minimum Rally Masters Show should become a tradition. For sportsmen all of things are done. I would attract more spectators. Maybe I would invite children sport teams, maybe carting. I would arrange a mini-football tournament, for example four-wheel drive cars against mono-wheel drive… And during breaks to arrange a funny competition between drivers and mechanics.

Ivan Vorobyev: I would change the classification according to engine’s volume, to have a fair rivalry.

Ivan Vorobyev

In Yaroslavl there are strong rally traditions and many qualified drivers. Every region of Russian Federation could envy this fact. What is the secret – how do drivers from Yaroslavl continue the rally programme?

Alexey Petrov: Thank you for your kind words or Yaroslavl rally school. We think that there are good sportsmen in each region, just talents are hidden. The main thing is a united organization centre. We are lucky that in Yaroslavl there is Sport Club «Motor» and its legendary head – Timophey Ivanovich Vorobyev. He has united us, he has taught and supported us. If we did it by ourselves the result could be quite different. But in general people, team and a big desire  to achieve good results- these factors decide everything!

Ivan Vorobyev: Yes, I agree. Timophey Ivanovich Vorobyev has taught not one champion, but I think that if financing were constant and right then everyone could be a champion who presents our club! Now our club “can afford” only one champion a year (laughing)

Alexey Petrov

Why do drivers from Yaroslavl prefer to paint their cars in bright yellow?

Alexey Petrov: Yellow is a colour of the Yaroslavl flag, leader colour, bright and positive colour. Actually, yellow is better seen from the road (laughing)

Rally Masters Show will be held on the 20 of April at Krylatskoe in Moscow. TTK Motorsport Events is an organizer of it. The rally is supported by Moscow Government and Moskomsport.


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