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Evgeny Novikov will drive a World Rally Car!

Russian driver of the Qatar M-Sport World Rally Team Evgeny Novikov is going to start  Rally Masters Show 2013, driving a World Rally Car. But this car is not going to be Ford Fiesta RS WRC, which Evgeny usually drives at World Rally Championship events...

 Evgeny Novikov

Rally Masters Show 2013 will take place on the 20th of April - sharp a week after the Portuguese World Championship. In such situation M-Sport company won't be able to guarantee the delivery of Evgeny Novikov's Fiesta WRC to Moscow in time — it appears to be almost impossible to be completed less than in a week, as the car has to be transported from Portugal to Great Britain, get fixed after a 750-km rally, and be remaked from the gravel into asphalt specification.

Evgeny Novikov and Ilka Minor 

However, M-Sport company has offered an interesting alternative, and we are glad to inform you that Evgeny Novikov is going to drive two-liter turbo engine Ford Focus RS WRC at Rally Masters Show 2013!


Rally Masters Show will be held on the 20 of April at Krylatskoe in Moscow. TTK Motorsport Events is an organizer of it. The rally is supported by Moscow Government and Moskomsport.

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