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Vasily Gryazin: “Fight will be intense!”

19-year Vasily Gryazin is the youngest driver among participants of Rally Masters Show 2013. However, he is considered to be one of the favorites. Among his awards and titles there is a bronze medal of Russian Championship 2012, a title in R4 class in the Latvian Championship in 2012, victories on Russian Championship and Cup events and of course the second place at Rally Masters Show 2012!

Last year Vasily Gryazin performed at Rally Masters Show with his father Stanislav Gryazin (Russian rally Champion 2001). This year Dmitry Chumak will sit in the right seat of Ford Fiesta Super 2000, his permanent co-driver.

Василий Грязин

Vasily Gryazin: There will be really competitive participants: Evgeny Novikov and Markko Martin – both are factory drivers. I’m sure they will be fast at this race, such conditions are not a problem for them, they will drive fast. I don’t know about other participants. I think that Alexey Lukjanuk, Gena Broslavsky and Aivis Egle will be fast, I will try also to show something (laughing). But of course, if there is snow getting out of wheels it will be difficult for cars going behind and during the second run. Because it will be quite another way of driving as in Monte-Carlo, only Zhenya and Markko have such experience.

Василий Грязин

What is your attitude to the idea of Rally Masters Show?

Vasily Gryazin: I always like this idea, I support it and I’m glad that year by year Rally Masters Show has pleased spectators.

Who will be your main rival?

Vasily Gryazin: Frankly speaking, I don’t know. I think Alexey Lukjanuk will. I want to see Gena Broslavsky – his drving and I hope to be a competitor to him.

Василий Грязин

What final result will be good for you?

Vasily Gryazin: It would be great if we finished after Novikov and Martin. But besides them there will be other fast drivers as well. And it will be a serious struggle. My Ford Fiesta Super 2000 is not so good as a WRC car, but I suppose to compete with Gena Broslavsky and Alexey Lukjanuk and with other fast guys. I hope fight will be intense!

Василий и Станислав Грязины

Stanislav Gryazin performs like a coach at Rally Masters Show…

Stanislav Gryazin: When such completion was held for the first time I told that it was a great idea! I hoped that it would be developed and I’m glad that it’s happening now like this! Rally is a very interesting and emotional sport but unfortunately it’s not convenient for spectators. In my opinion rally is more interesting and fascinating than “Formula-1” but it’s more difficult to watch. It’s a rally and a show as well. For drivers it’s a rally first of all, for people who come to see it’s a bright show.



Rally Masters Show will be held on the 20 of April at Krylatskoe in Moscow. TTK Motorsport Events is an organizer of it. The rally is supported by Moscow Government and Moskomsport.

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