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Markko Martin: « I will be as fast as possible!»

Markko Martin is a real legend of world rallying. Estonian became the first former USSR driver, who managed to become a member of a factory team. From 2000 Markko performed in three works teams - Subaru, Ford and Peugeot. The appearance of Markko Martin compete in the Rally Masters Show 2013 was a pleasant news for the Russian fans, who wait that Estonian will have a great fight with rivals!

Markko Martin

Have you ever been to Moscow before?

Markko Martin: I’ve been once, about 20-25 years ago, when I was a child. But later I haven’t had a chance to be there.

What did you attract in Rally Masters Show? Why did you accept an invitation from organizers?

Markko Martin: Actually, I was also invited last year but in last moment I couldn’t come. But one year later I got an invitation again and I agreed. Moreover, there is much more time for preparation. For this moment I don’t understand completely what kind of event is. Moreover I haven’t been to Moscow and it’s a good chance to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Markko Martin

What do you think of such kind of events?

Markko Martin: Well, I think, that it’s very good. When such shows are not arranged then it will be difficult to involve new fans because not everyone will be ready to spend several hours in forest. And if a new spectator who has never seen a rally before will be contented after rally show then he will visit more serious races, I think.

Markko Martin

What car will you drive at Rally Masters Show?

Markko Martin: I don’t know, I need to look at that which is in the garage (laughing). I will perform in old Ford Focus WRC 2003. It’s an excellent car and I like to drive it. Of course, it’s not suitable for a serious rally but for rally show this car is perfect.

Markko Martin

What goals do you set for this race?

Markko Martin: I can’t say. I haven’t driven for so long that’s why it’s difficult to answer. I will be as fast as possible.

Markko Martin

It’s known that your first rally car was Lada Samara. Why did you choose this car? Did you keep or buy it?

Markko Martin: Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist any more. When I started to perform at rally it was an easy choice because the quantity of foreign cars in Estonia was quite a little at that time. Moreover they were expensive and their inner devices, equipment were unknown for the most. But it was easier with Lada – after breakup of the USSR in the country there were many people who knew these cars and it was a logical choice.

Markko Martin 

Will Russian spectators have a chance to see Ott Tänak as a mechanic of your team at the show?

Markko Martin: No, he has his own affairs. Ott hasn’t worked in our team since last year.

Rally Masters Show will be held on the 20 of April at Krylatskoe in Moscow. TTK Motorsport Events is an organizer of it. The rally is supported by Moscow Government and Moskomsport.

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