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Tregubov and Vasilenko – reunion of the crew!

In 2012 a family crew of Grigoriy Tregubov and Elena Vasilenko became the Russian champion in national class R3 and the owner of the Russian Cup in overall – final victory was at the Final Cup, Rally “Kuban 2012”.

The season finished, Elena stopped to perform at rally and further Grigoriy participates with other co-drivers. But for Rally Masters Show Grisha and Elena made an exception!

Григорий Трегубов и Елена Василенко

But moreover instead of usual car of national R3 class the crew of Tregubov/Vasilenko will start on a new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X of R4 class.

What is Rally Masters Show for you: rally, show or anything else?

Grigoriy Tregubov: It’s a show. But a wish to show a good result is stronger than to drive in a show style. Elements of rally exist.

Григорий Трегубов и Елена Василенко

You are starting on a new car. Is it just for one time or you are thinking of changing a car? 

Grigoriy Tregubov: Yes, actually I’m thinking about this. But before to leave R3 class I want to win the second championship title. I hope that next year I will have another car. As for R4: we planned to bring our yellow Impreza from Perm. But ASRT team made an offer which was impossible to refuse from (laughing)

Григорий Трегубов и Елена Василенко

What is your attitude to asphalt rally?

Grigoriy Tregubov: Positively! Although I don’t have enough experience. But last year Rally Masters Show brought a lot of delight as a show and great pleasure as a rally. I hope that asphalt rounds will come back to Russia.

Григорий Трегубов и Елена Василенко

What is your goal for this race?

Grigoriy Tregubov: To get pleasure! To see the best drivers. And to drive at rally with my darling Lena! I miss races with her (laughing).

Rally Masters Show 2013 пройдет 20 апреля в Москве в Крылатском. Организатором мероприятия является компания TTK Motorsport Events. Гонка пройдет при поддержке Правительства Москвы и Москомспорта.

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