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First impressions

Michael Lepekhov, the founder and leader of the team ALM RUSSIA and his co-driver Denis Giraudet tells us about their car and the track.

Michael Lepekhov: The choice of the car we are going to drive at RMS was quite simple. Our team represents following cars: Volkswagen Polo R1 is driven by Alexey Kovalchuk, Sergei Naryshkin is at the wheel of Polo R2. You can call it a racecar, but I think it’s a show car. It just has a nice rally body kit, but inside it is a serial car with a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine and a supercharger, in fact, there're about 180 horses.

Michael Lepekhov

Yesterday I had a chance to roll the track once... It’s awesome! It’s not a problem if it’s going to rain. What’s more, it will be even more interesting. We have not ever participated with Denis Giraudet in one crew. As the race looks more like a show, the shorthand report will be necessary just to be pointed with Denis’ finger to me and told where to turn left or right. And that’s it.

I'm not going to rush, because the car is not equipped with a frame, once again, it is intended for a show, even the belts are usual. We don’t expect us showing an outstanding result, we just want to get a nice ride. For a long time we wanted to invite Denis to show Moscow, and it has happened – he has been invited, and now we’re communicating with him, we want him to like our beloved city. Next time, we’ll invite him to St. Petersburg.

The idea of RMS is great! Every year more and more people are coming here. Thanks to Moscomsport for investing and doing a really good job, and making sufficient use of money.

Volkswagen Polo R

Denis Giraudet: I’m in Moscow for the first time. I was in Russia, in Vyborg, thus I know a little about St. Petersburg, but I haven’t ever been in Moscow. Evgeny Novikov has become my guide and has shown me some city sightseeing.

We’ve been racing with Michael. I am excited with the nicest and interesting track. I’m sure you’re making fabulous races both in winter and summer.

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