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RMS press-conference at RIA Novosti

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On the 11th of April at RIA Novosti it was held the press-conference devoted to the third Rally Masters Show.

Press-conference’s participants are:

 - The head of Moscow physical training and sport department Alexey Vorobyev

 - CEO of Moscow sport and entertaining events direction Alexandr Polinsky

 - CEO of TTK Motors Events (the rightholder “Rally Masters Show”) Timur Kafarov

 - The Russian driver, double Russian rally champion, vice-champion, Russian Rally Cup winner Gena Broslavsky

RMS press-conference at RIA Novosti

Rally Masters Show is arranged by TTK Motorsport Events with the assistance of Moscow Government and Moskomsport. About 200 people (crews and mechanics) from 18 countries will take part in the competition.

The organizer underlines that the race is popular with foreigners, especially with sportsmen from Baltic countries. He also tells that there is a probability that chiefs of some race Federations of Baltic countries will attend this rally.

Alexey Vorobyev

Alexey Vorobyev: “Rally Masters Show is such event which attracts a lot of spectators and it’s significant. We think that it’s the right thing to arrange motorsport competitions in Moscow because it enlarges possibilities of sport event in our city and attracts interest of youth. This event is included in the calendar of Moskomsport. We arrange it by request of Moscow citizens. Because last year after this event we got a lot of appeals from motorsport fans. Moscow is the city where it’s possible to arrange biathlon or motor race in the centre of the city. But I ask guests with children to be careful and very attentive!”

Timur Kafarov

Timur Kafarov: “Besides 11 km of cycle race track it will be one more special stage on rowing canal. In 2011 it was in another variant. This year spectators can come to sit on stand and see SS1, and on a big screen they will see what will happen on cycle race track thanks to live programme of NTV+ channel. Service zone will be available on rowing canal, entrance will be free. Also there will be a few spectators’ points on cycle race track in Krylatskiy kholmi street. One of the main advantages of this rally is that we can show very interesting cars. In overall there will be three crews of WRC level. One of them - MINI WRC - will be driven by Gennady Broslavsky. In total there will be five classes including a new one – “historic” for classic cars. It will be 10 cars this year! Spectators will see four rally trucks of GAZ 51”

Gena Broslavsky

Gena Broslavsky: The race is really in progress. I can confirm you as a participant. The first competition was spontaneous a little. Frankly speaking, there were doubts if organizers would manage to do it traditional. Because we know about difficulties which we face to arrange rally in big cities. It’s pleasant to realize that Moscow Government supports such event. Today we have serious knowledge and experience. It’s a serious safe scheme and spectators’ zones. I would like to thank Alexey Vorobyev for his attention to non-Olympic kind of sport. It’s a very important moment for popularization of motor sport in Russia. We will compete for the best result in the same way as in any other rally competition! May the best driver win!”

Press-conference photogallery here >>>

Please be reminded that Rally Masters Show is held on the 29th of April, the ceremonial start is at 11 a.m. on the territory of Grebnoy canal, the first crew start is at 12. 

Attention: entrance is FREE! To enter the stand of Grebnoy canal one needs tickets which will be free distributed near the entrance! Entrance to spectators’ zone on cycle race track  is free!

Rally Masters Show is held on the 20th of April at Krylatskoe in Moscow. TTK Motorsport Events is an organizer of it. The rally is supported by Moscow Government and Moskomsport.

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