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Alexey Vasilyev: RMS organizers do right!

This driver is quite different compared to other participants of Rally Masters Show 2013 because he has performed in many motorsport disciplines. He has performed in carting, “death rallies”, auto racing, winter track racing, rally-raids, FIA GT World Championship. We are glad to present a participant of Rally Masters Show 2013 – Alexey Vasilyev.

Alexey Vasilyev

Why did you decide to perform at Rally Masters Show 2013 and accept an invitation from organizers?

Alexey Vasilyev: Last year my team participated here and performed Ferrari, my friend Stasys Brundza drove it. It was a “zero” crew. I saw how it was well arranged and how this event attracted the mass media. All these things inspired confidence and now I think that RMS is one of the most significant events in motorsport life. That’s why I wanted to participate in a sport part of this show and strive for victory. Last year I told Timur Kafarov that I would perform with my GT Championship mate Natalya Freidina.

Alexey Vasilyev

What is your attitude to the arrangement of such event?

Alexey Vasilyev: First of all, people who are organizing this show – your company I mean – got on the right side. Spectators are not interested in score-goals-seconds, they like show. This event is like show that arouses interest at spectators. This is a professional idea, let’s say of American motor sport, this is the main distinction.

Alexey Vasilyev

You have participated in different types of motor sport: auto racing, rally-raids and so on. What is your attitude to rally?

Alexey Vasilyev: It’s like an eternal dispute – who are the fastest – rally drivers or circuit ones? Or who is a true driver – a rally driver or a racing driver? Well, actually, in the world there is no distinction any more between Formula-1 driver, circuit driver or rally-raid driver. Firstly it’s a technical kind of sport and the main things are fast, safe and powerful car, a professional team who prepare it and make service; and in the third, it’s a driver and his skill. So if the first two components are excellent then a driver can adapt to a circuit and rally as well and to learn how to understand a method of driving this car and to be fast. That’s why for me rally, circuit and even rally-raids are on the same level. I like to compete in all kinds of motor sport and strive for victory. But the most important thing is to have a good team and a safe fast car.

Stasys Brundza

What car will you drive at Rally Masters Show 2013?

Alexey Vasilyev: I have a choice – either Ferrari or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. I don’t know regulations very well for this moment but I think as the road in Krylatskoe has short straight lines I will use four-wheel drive Mitsubishi Lancer, but everything can be changed in last moment so I will bring two cars. I will drive one of them, and Stasys Brundza does another one or maybe anyone of my Russian friends-drivers. 

Rally Masters Show will be held on the 20 of April at Krylatskoe in Moscow. TTK Motorsport Events is an organizer of it. The rally will be supported by Moscow Government and Moskomsport.

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