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Ari Vatanen: «You can`t ask for better!»

One of the main guests of Rally Masters Show 2013 was 1981 World Rally Champion Ari Vatanen. Ari find some time to talk with our journalist. 

What can you say about the idea of Rally Masters Show in Russia?

Ari Vatanen: I did not know what to expect. But this was much better than what I expected. The venue could not be better: in the middle of mega-town, grand stand, tribune, the setting with rowing channel and great special stage next to it - what else can you ask? You can`t ask for better! 11-kilometers stage - you can`t find a stage like that anywhere else! So you`ve got that for now and the rest needs to be done: how to get`s to attract the publicity, how to attract the people, you need more foreign competitors, you need to make more show, well-known Russian band playing and so on. And if you will have a special stage on Red Square - that would be fantastic! But already you have all elements to made a great show.

Also Rally Masters Show could be spectacular in winter time. But in winter calendar is full and it`s will be difficult to find a date for Rally Masters Show.

Ari Vatanen, Markko Martin and Kristo Kraag

Thank you! And what can you say about the future of the rallying in the whole world?

Ari Vatanen: That`s great question! The future of the rallying is not guarantied automatically. You have to work on it. Rallying in any country is so expensive. You need more modern cars, more sophisticated cars, more expences. It`s like a pyramide - it has to be very wide at the bottom so it can be very high. But if the bottom is narrow it can`t be very high. So if you really want to be on top the bottom has to be very wide. And to made it wide you need to have some cheap accessible formula`s that even ordinary people could participate one way or another. That`s the only way to do it. Otherwise we don`t have new Novikov`s coming in future...

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